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BetnGamble.com Terms and Conditions

When you access and use the Bet n Gamble website, you agree to the terms on this page. These terms refer to your legal obligations as a user of the website. You should read the terms carefully before you use any of the website features.


Using the site

Use of this website, including all contents, is restricted to personal use of a non-commercial nature. All contents are subject to copyright and using them without prior permission may not be legal. Modifications, commercial distribution, and any other commercial use are prohibited. Violating any of these terms may result in a permanent ban and you will be instructed to destroy any printed or downloaded content.


Disclaimer of limited liability

Using the website is done at your own risk. The accuracy and completeness of the contents are not guaranteed and any information is not guaranteed to be current. The company, and its affiliates and agents, do not guarantee that there will be no interruption to the service of the website or that there will be no errors on the site. This also applies to any results that are achieved by using the website.

Any costs that occur for damage to equipment, or from additional services, while using the website are the responsibility of the user. This includes, but is not limited to, indirect, incidental, or consequential damage or loss of data or business interruption. Any kind of damage that is based on warranty, contract, or other legal theory is also not the responsibility of the website, affiliates, or agents even if they are aware of the possibility of this damage.

References or links made to any person, product, or service do not necessarily endorse a said person, product, or service.

These terms can be revised at any point without prior notice. Parts of the terms may also be updated by means of notices on the website. It is your legal responsibility to keep up to date with any of these changes.

Terms and conditions of third parties

The website includes information about bonuses and offers from numerous third party sites. These offers and bonuses all have terms and conditions attached to them. The precise details of these terms and conditions can be found on the relevant websites. You are recommended to read these terms and conditions before you make a deposit or use any bonuses or promotions.